Clothing Donation Drive

Please Make a Donation TodayThe Abundant Ground Foundation. We are a small charity with a big heart. Our aim is to serve families, children, teachers and students with donations of clothing, toys, medical supplies, education and food. We have five programs that make up our charity. Here, We are focusing on a Clothing Relief Cho Drive. Not only do we want the clothing to keep our parents, moms, and children warm but we want them to know their wholly important, and not in pieces, but wholly important.

Donation Relief Effort We also want to cherish the health, lives and importance of people's lives no matter where they are and how they are. Some fought sickness, fractures, illness and yet their spirit remain stronger than ever. Without them they're missed. Here In this Drive We are looking for Coats, Sweaters, Pants (Wool, Velvet, Warm Fibers), Hats, Scarves, Mittens and Gloves, Boots and Purses too!

Donation Relief Effort We want to give thanks to people. To this season. We have survived so many disasters, changes, turnabouts that here @ The Abundant Ground Foundation Just Want to Give Thanks for All! The Donors. The Volunteers. The Supporters. The Teams. Everyone Near and Far Away. Here, In This Season, This Is What We Want To Do.

Please Make A Donation Today
We would like to share a moment to all Donors Who Donate This Season. We Appreciate You. We Value You. We Thank You For Being There. For Being Here. Thank You. -- With Much Gratitude and Thanks. The Abundant Ground on Long Island, The Abundant Ground in Haiti, The Abundant Ground in NYC, The Abundant Ground in Louisiana, The Abundant Ground in Florida.

--With much gratitude and thanks.





Haiti Hurricane Relief 2008

"...a series of four tropical storms and hurricanes that have killed at least 650 people..."

"Homes, hospitals and clinics have been flooded. People have been hurt. Waterborne diseases are rampant."

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