A Day Of Beauty Drive -- Women Against Violence,

Please Make a Donation TodayDressing up a problem or Dressing Down a problem is not a solution to a real issue. Antagonism, Discouragement, and Past Embarrassments aren't reasons either, meaning they are excuses:

"Reasons such as "Well, It has happened to you before therefore it shouldn't matter to you now", or "This has happended to you again, and again, why should you bother? ".
Statements like that shouldn't be a validity. Your closet does more than help women, it prevents and stops abuse quickly--
giving a refreshing new start.

Women who look bad. Women who stay in bad, tough places (through no fault of their own), or ,most of all; not helping someone out who is clearly abused, but no one will help, isn't an excuse for any of us ever, find a way. A reason to help. A fresh start is a fresh start; Bringing Respect is respect. It can change the world. The best way to find an impact is to provide a meaningful substantive solution as well. In this case a woman and streets is probably the saddest thing to see.

A Day of Beauty Drive Women EffortToo often in church my eyes hurt from seeing women who are hurt, abandoned and abused.

And not in a good way. There is a whole new game of violence that is manipulative, territorial, callous and indifferent. I feel getting to the root of the problem is fastest way to trap the seed from spreading and to hurting others.

Killing all ideas for thought, mediation, and deliberation is one idea, one way to getting to the violence against women before it hits another woman. A Day of Beauty Drive would be a start. A Donation of New Wigs, New Boots, New Body Products, (brandname), Shoes, Handbags, Umbrellas and Coats; Are a great boost of morale for women who are struggling to hump over the past.

Haiti Relief EffortThe other day in the pouring rain I saw a woman drop her umbrella on the ground because it wouldn't stay open. I said to myself "God, this woman could be going through chemo, she has to walk under the thunder and rain without an umbrella with a bald head? There could of been lots a reason for her shaved sharp bald head, fashion, chemotherapy, a new beginning, vegan diet... the point is, in the rain it doesn't help the situation. Especially at night.

A Day of Beauty Women Against Violence I love leather jackets and scarves but I hate it when I don't have an extra umbrella for my fellow woman in life. I know so many of us are preparing for something: Wedding, Graduation, Thanksgiving Line-Up, Christmas Layaways Savings for the before Taxes and Filings, but, the Last Week of October and the First Two weeks of November we are holding a A Day of Beauty for Women & The Streets. Here, we will be handing out coats, hand-bags, umbrellas, hats, boots, gloves and more. If you have perfume bottles unopened -- please donate.

A Day of Beauty Drive Women And Streets Against ViolenceIf you have leather purses , hand bags, attaches, and jackets.
-- please donate to us.

If you have wool coats, 3/4 coats, full length coats, hood coats,
-- please donate to us. And, if you have umbrellas (new or good working condition) -- please donate .

We appreciate your generosity, courage and compassion against the violence against women.

Thank You The Abundant Ground Foundation October

--With much gratitude and thanks.




Haiti Hurricane Relief 2008

"...a series of four tropical storms and hurricanes that have killed at least 650 people..."

"Homes, hospitals and clinics have been flooded. People have been hurt. Waterborne diseases are rampant."

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